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We can't express completely a magic of development of sportswoman and actress here. It takes neither one minute nor one day, this magic is here, near us, but we do not see it every time.
And the purpose of this web site is not training description or advertisement. We just were trying to remind to many people about Talents among them, which live next door, humbly travel by the underground, and go to cinema…
But one day they become fairytale princesses, somebody's ideal, and evoke deeply hided emotions from our soul. Among them is Irina Kazakova. This site is about her creativity, sport career and people around her.

The process of performance preparation reminds a communication of unusual and enigmatic people. It's hard and delicate work, real art. Head and body create all the time like possessed artists, sculptors, musicians. Yes, these arts completely reflect essence of Rhythmic Gymnastics and work on scene.
Body and fantasies of sportswoman and her trainers are tools for externalization of amazing ideas. They constantly need patience, volition and cruel restrictions. Any deviation from these principles can leave all plans without their realization on scene or carpet.

It's a pity that because of some people many ideas and original plans can't see the light. It's more important for them quick sport result, fame, sameness of performances and personal placidity. The conveyer is tuned - that's OK!

But this group of enthusiasts - parents, trainers of highest qualification, choreographers - works with sports and arts, lends own soul and experience, creates beauty and unicity, looks for special approach for every kid.
Such fans are anchormans of Rhythmic Gymnastics as sport and as other kinds of arts. We think that RSG more than 50% is an Art. That's why it interest new people, sponsors, sportswomans and infuse love in it.